Symbolism | Clothing

(Based on Alonzo Gaskill, The Lost Language of Symbolism, p. 316-318)

Symbolism: Animals, Body Parts, Colors, Clothing, Directions, Numbers, Other Symbols

Possible Meaning
Apron A Symbol with many applications, including fertility, reproduction, priesthood, and work.
Armor of God A scriptural motif for the sources of protection that God has provided us and by which we can resist evil and ensure our exaltation.
Bows A representation of the marriage covenant between man and wife; also the marriage covenant between God and His Church.
Breastplate of Righteousness A symbol for controlling our thoughts and desires.
Cap/Crown/Hat A figurative representation of authority, victory, wisdom, and power.
Coat of Skins See "garments" below.
Footwear See "Shoes/Sandals/Slippers" below.
Garments An emblem of the glory that God, Christ, and all celestial resurrected beings possess. According to the Apostle Paul, it is also a symbol for the flesh of Christ.
Girdle of Truth A symbol for using truth to not be deceived by the temptations and traps associated with immodesty and immorality.
Helmet of Salvation A symbol of the importance of controlling and limiting what enters our body, heart, mind, and being. Figuratively, the helmet suggests that salvation will be had only if we protect our eyes, mind, ears, and mouth from things forbidden by God.
Robes An image of priesthood power.
Sackcloth Traditionally worn by mourners as a token of their grief, humiliation, repentance, or dismay.
Sashes In certain periods, the wearing of a sash symbolize chastity, virginity, or faithfulness.
Shield of Faith A symbol of protection from spiritual death through our ability to deflect temptations and evil assults through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Shoes/Sandals/ Slippers Can represent enslavement and poverty when absent, and entrance into a hallowed place when removed (though the removal of shoes can also suggest a covenant in which one party gives up a place of residence in the hope of inheriting a better one). Having our feet shod "with the preparation of the gospel of peace" implies that the gospel is sound, trustworthy, and safe, giving those who rely on it a sure footing or stability in life.
Swaddling Clothes Symbolic of parental care and compassion, and also impending death.
Sword of the Spirit A representation of the reality that the scriptures, covenants, and teachings of the living prophets, combined with the constand companionship of the Holy Ghost, will ensure our safe return from the spiritual battle that currently rages.
Veils Three significant symbolic connatations of a veiled face are chastity, virtue, and modesty; submission, obedience, or commitment; and divinely recognized authority or power possessed by the veiled person.