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vs. 3-4—"Another Comforter ... the Promise of Eternal Life"
vs. 5—Teachings on the Church of the Firstborn
vs. 4-13—The Light of Christ
vs. 17-20, 25-26—The Four Phases of the Earth's Existence
vs. 17-33—The Different Kinds of Resurrected Bodies
vs. 51-61—The Lord Visits Each Earth in Its Time
vs. 69, 74-75—The Great and Last Promise
vs. 77-80—Education
vs. 77-80—Why Study Secular Subjects?
vs. 93—"The Sign" of the Second Coming
vs. 96-102—The Order of the Resurrection
vs. 107—Man's Potential to Become Like God
vs. 110—The Binding of Satan
vs. 111—When Satan is Loosed
vs. 111-116—"The Battle of the Great God"
vs. 118—Learning from "the Best Books"
vs. 118—Learning by Study and Faith
vs. 127-141—The School of the Prophets
vs. 139-141—The Ordinance of the Washing of Feet

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