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vs. 30-35, 40-43—Becoming Sons of Perdition
vs. 36-44—The Only Ones Not Saved
vs. 44-48—Punishment of Sons of Perdition
vs. 51—"Received the Testimony of Jesus" 
vs. 53—"Those Who Are Just and True" 
vs. 53—"Who Overcome by Faith" 
vs. 53—"Sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise"
vs. 54, 94—"The Church of the Firstborn" 
vs. 56—"The Father has Given All Things"
vs. 56—"They are Priests and Kings"
vs. 57—the Order of Enoch, Melchizedek, etc. 
vs. 58—"They are Gods, Even the Sons of God" 
vs. 69—"Just Men Made Perfect"
vs. 72—"These are They Who Died Without Law"
vs. 74—"Received Not the Testimony of Jesus in the Flesh but Afterwards Received It"
vs. 75—"The Honorable Men of the Earth"
vs. 79—"Not Valiant in the Testimony of Jesus"
vs. 84—"They who are Thrust Down to Hell"
vs. 86-88—Visiting Between Kingdoms
vs. 89—"Telestial...Surpasses all Understanding"
vs. 95—"Equal in Power, Might, and Dominion"
vs. 99—"They Who are of Paul and of Apollos"
vs. 103—Liars, Adulterers, etc.
vs. 109—"As Innumerable as the Stars in Heaven

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