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vs. 1—Is April 6 Jesus' Birthday?
vs. 5—1832 Account of the 1st Vision
vs. 11—The Book of Mormon proves the truthfulness of the Bible
vs. 14-16—Our Salvation Depends Upon Our Acceptance/Rejection of B of M
vs. 18-25—Teachings on the Creation, Fall, & Atonement
vs. 22—The Temptations of Jesus
vs. 28—The Unity of the Godhead
vs. 30—Teachings on Justification
vs. 31—Teachings on Sanctification
vs. 37—Oliver Cowdery's Rebuke
vs. 38-45—Duties of Elders
vs. 46-52—Duties of Priests
vs. 53-57—Duties of Teachers
vs. 57-59—Duties of Deacons
vs. 75-79—Teachings on the Sacrament

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