Selected Teachings on
Ensign Peak

George A. Smith (First Presidency; Counselor to Brigham Young)

The question is frequently asked, "How did you ever find this place?" I answer, We were led to it by the inspiration of God. After the death of Joseph Smith, when it seemed that every trouble and calamity had come upon the Saints Brigham Young, who was President of the Twelve, then the presiding quorum of the Church, sought the Lord to know what they should do and where they should lead the people for safety. While they were fasting and praying daily on this subject, President Young had a vision of Joseph Smith, who showed him the mountain we now call Ensign Peak, immediately north of Salt Lake City, and an ensign fell upon that peak, and Joseph said, "Build under the point where the colors fall, and you will prosper and have peace." The Pioneers had no pilot or guide, none of them had ever been in the country or knew anything about it. However, they traveled under the direction of President Young until they reached this valley. When they entered it President Young pointed to that peak, and said, "I want to go there." He went up to the point and said, "This is Ensign Peak. Now, brethren, organize your exploring parties, so as to be safe from Indians; go and explore where you will, and you will come back every time and say, This is the best place." They accordingly started out exploring parties, and visited, what we now call Cache, Malad, Tooele and Utah valleys, and other parts the country in various directions, but all came back and declared this was the best spot. (Conference Report, April 1927, p.86)