Selected Teachings on
Safely Dead

M. Russell Ballard (Quorum of the Twelve)

Years ago, our faithful stake patriarch, who was in his nineties, stood in fast and testimony meeting and said something I shall always remember: “I pray every night that God will see me safely dead with my testimony burning brightly.”

I said to him after the meeting, “Patriarch, of all the people I know, certainly you don’t need to worry about that anymore!”

He took hold of the lapels of my coat, jerked me up so that our faces were close together, looked me in the eyes, and said these words: “My boy”—I was married and had two children! “My boy, no one is secure until the very end.”

May it be so for each of us that we are faithful to the very end. ("Follow the Gospel and Doctrine of Christ," CES Fireside for Young Adults, November 7, 2010)