Selected Teachings on
Created in the Image of God

Men and Women Were Literally Created in the Image of God

Brigham Young (President)

Man is made in the image of his maker, ... he is His exact image, having eye for eye, forehead for forehead, eyebrows for eyebrows, nose for nose, cheekbones for cheekbones, mouth for mouth, chin for chin, ears for ears, precisely like our Father in heaven. (In Ludlow, Latter-day Prophets Speak, p.278)

The First Presidency

All men and women are in the similitude of the universal Father and Mother, and are literally the sons and daughters of Deity. (Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, Anthon H. Lund, Messages of the First Presidency, 4:203)

Spencer W. Kimball (President)

God made man in His own image and certainly He made woman in the image of His wife-partner. You [women] are daughters of God. You are precious. You are made in the image of our heavenly Mother. (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p.25)

Husband and Wife Form a Complete Man in the Image of God

Spencer W. Kimball (President)

“And I, God said,… Let us make man [not a separate man, but a complete man, which is husband and wife] in our image, after our likeness; and it was so." (Moses 2:26.) What a beautiful partnership! (Ensign, Mar. 1976, p.70-73)

Joseph Fielding Smith (Quorum of the Twelve)

Neither the man nor the woman were capable of filling the measure of their creation alone. The union of the two was required to complete man in the image of God. (Doctrines of Salvation 2:70)

Erastus Snow (Quorum of the Twelve)

[God] created man in the image of God, male and female created he them, and he called their name Adam, which signifies in Hebrew, the first man. So that the beings we call Adam and Eve were the first man placed here on this earth, and their name was Adam, and they were the express image of God. Now, if anybody is disposed to say that the woman is in the likeness of God and that the man was not, and if vice versa, I say you are both wrong, or else God has not told us the truth.

I sometimes illustrate this matter by taking up a pair of shears, if I have one, but then you all know they are composed of two halves, but they are necessarily parts, one of another, and to perform their work for each other, as designed, they belong together, and neither one of them is fitted for the accomplishment of their works alone. And for this reason says St. Paul, “the man is not without the woman, nor the woman without the man in the Lord.” In other words, there can be no God except he is composed of the man and woman united, and there is not in all the eternities that exist, nor ever will be, a God in any other way. I have another description: There never was a God, and there never will be in all eternities, except they are made of these two component parts; a man and a woman; the male and the female....

As I said, man was created, male and female, and two principles are blended in one; and the man is not without the woman nor the woman without the man in the Lord; and there is no Lord, there is no God in which the two principles are not blended, nor can be; and we may never hope to attain unto the eternal power and the Godhead upon any other principle. (Journal of Discourses, 19:270)