Selected Locations in Kirtland, Ohio
The Kirtland Temple

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Kirtland Temple Side
Side View

Kirtland Temple
Front View

Kirtland Temple Back
Back View

Kirtland Temple Old
Old Picture of Temple

Kirtland Temple Pulpits

Key Events:
  • Relevant D&C Sections: D&C 88 (Command to Build), 137 (A Vision in the Temple), 109 (Dedicatory Prayer), 110 (The Lord, Moses, Elias, and Elijah appear), 112
  • First Temple. This is the first temple built in our dispensation.

Teachings About the Kirtland Temple

The Kirtland Temple Endowment

Spiritual Manifestations In/Around the Kirtland Temple

Before Dedication Day (January-March 1836)

Dedication Day, First Session (Sunday, 27 March 1836)

Dedication Day, Evening (Sunday, 27 March 1836)

Solemn Assembly (Wednesday, 30 March 1836)

Rededication Day (Thursday, 31 March 1836)

Sunday Meeting with the Twelve (Sunday, 3 April 1836)