Selected Teachings on the Book of Mormon
The Prophecy in the Book of Mormon
"Not Cast Off Forever"

We find a prophetic thread woven again and again throughout the Book of Mormon foretelling how the Father will ultimately fulfill His covenants to the House of Israel. It is through this repeated prophecy that we clearly see one of the key purposes of the Book of Mormon fulfilled, namely "that [the House of Israel] may know the covenants of the Lord, that they are not cast off forever" (title page).
The Captivity and Return of the Jews and the Coming of Christ
1. Jerusalem will be destroyed by Babylon and many taken captive to Babylon (587 BC).
2. The Jews will return again to Jerusalem.
3. Jesus Christ will come among the Jews. He will be rejected by them, crucified, and resurrected.
Season of Scattering
4a. Jerusalem will be destroyed again and the Jews scattered again by other nations.

4b. Gentiles will kill and scatter the remnant of the Lamanite nation on this continent.

Season of Restoration and Gathering—Time of the “Fulness of the Gentiles”
5. After many generations, the Lord will do a “marvelous work and wonder” wherein He will restore both the lost Gospel and lost lands. The gospel will go first to the Gentiles and from them to the Jews and Lamanites.
6. The Book of Mormon will play a significant role in restoring the Jews and the seed of Lehi to a knowledge of the Gospel of their Redeemer in the last days. It will be given to them by Gentiles.
Acceleration, Expansion, Conflict, and Victory
7. Zion will expand. Gentiles who accept the gospel will be numbered among the covenant people of the House of Israel. The covenant people of the Lord will be found throughout the earth. They will build the New Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Babylon, the whore, will have dominion throughout the world. The Great and Abominable church will fight against the covenant people of the Lord in the latter-days. Those who reject the gospel are cut off from the covenant people and become part of Babylon.
8. The final triumph of Israel. The Great and Abominable church shall fall. Israel will be protected and all who fight against righteous Israel will be destroyed.
The Millennial Daythe Father Fulfills the Covenant
9. The Father will then commence His work of restoring Israel to their promised lands, and the saints will dwell with the Lord during the Millennium of peace.